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Sources Of Workshop Manuals

As you may have noticed, getting hold of manuals for the Alfa 33 is a time consuming idea. Haynes do not publish a manual, although they publish a manual for the Alfasud and that can be quite useful, and trying to get the manuals out of Alfa is like trying to get blood out of a stone. Alfa may be happy about selling them (not sure really), but most dealers will refuse. The manuals for the late 33's were issued on micro fiche so are fairly useless for most people.

However, there are some souces of manuals. A company called Mercian Manuals publish reprints of many workshop manuals for different makes, including a large number for Alfa's. They now have a manual in print giving some details of the later cars. This consists of a section on the 1.7IE (taken from the series 2 manuals, but the system is close to that on the early injected 8 valve series 3 cars), a engine rebuild system for the 16V engine and an engine rebuild section for the 8 valve 1.4 and 1.6 engines (really applies to the 145/6, but it is still useful). These manuals are available direct from Mercian (Tel / Fax 01676 533304) or can also be ordered through Motorbooks in London. I beleive they are also sold through Pitstop Books in Perth for those in Australia. The original manuals are on fiche which you may be able to persuade an Alfa dealer to order for you. Transferring it to paper is not a cheap process, with the cost likely to be around £400 (which is why I have not transferred mine to paper).

The basic Alfa manual for the late cars (on fiche) is not great on the eletrical system. Alfa did publish quite a few manuals on the late electrical system, but these are large. For example, the wiring diagrams for the injected cars (not including the late Motronic versions of the IE models or the 1.3/1.4 IE fitted with a Weber Marrelli system) comes to 380 pages. This does not cover the carbed cars of the turbo diesel cars which would at least double the length.

There are several other manauls which are not available for download or for sale as reprints, and you will have real fun finding copies. These are the manuals to cover the series 1 4x4, 4x4 estate, normal estate, early air conditioning systems, turbo diesel series 2 manual and series 2 Sportwagon, probably along with lots of other bits and pieces.

The workshop manuals for the early 33 are available for download on the site. You can access them directly from here.

One source of manuals that you can try, if you speak German, is Technische Motorliteratur. They have some workshop manual reprints including a copy of the German edition of the series 3 microfiche workshop manual. Their address follows:-
Technische Motorliteratur
Gisela Wobking
Senner Str. 229
Fax 0521 40 39 37