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Suspension Overview

The Alfa 33 has suspension that is closely based on the Alfasud. The major difference is the rear axle. On the Sud this is a fabricated structure while the 33 uses a steel tube. Also the rear panhard rod (which provides side to side location) is shorter, and this will have the effect of provoking slightly more transverse movement in the axle as the suspension compresses

At the front the Suds all had anti roll bars (sway bars to those in the USA). Many 33's did not, even up to the end of production. In the UK most models had them fitted after some initial problems.

The rear suspension works by having the suspension mounts located in such a way that the axle is twisted as the suspension compresses. If the suspension on both sides compresses then the axle is twisted equally. If only one side compresses then the axle itself must twist, and the bushes must absorb some of the force. This way the rear axle works as an anti roll bar.

The front struts have a similar design, with similar problems. All the Suds and 33s have problems with the strut pan bearings. These live under the bottom spring pan and enable the lower part of the strut to swivel for the steering, while the upper part stays steady. Suds and easrly 33's used a steel radial roller bearing, which eventually wears and corrodes. This makes the steering heavier and causes the car to pull in the direction that full lock was last used in. The later cars use a ball bearing in a nylon race (a common part with the 164). This has a similar problem as the lubrication disappears.

The lower sections of the front strut (where it meets the hub) has a different bolt spacing on the Sud compared to the 33, so the struts alone are not easily interchangeable.

Anyway, for a bit more info have a look at the suspension tuning guide or the specifications of the rear suspension springs.