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If you have ever found the seats on the 33 to be uncomfortable then you will probably like to know that the seating position can be modified.

One commen mod is to unbolt the front seats and move the spacers round. The rear seat spacers are about 25mm thick and the front ones only about 5mm. If you use the rear spacers under the front of the seat runners and the front ones under the rear (and you need to swap the bolts as well) you will tip the seat base back. This makes the seat far more comfortable and gives you a fair bit more support under you knees. I am not sure how safe this would be in an accident (or even if it would be an improvement by preventing submarining), so please decide for youself whether you want to try this.

As you can see from the above picture (taken from an early Alfasud ti owners handbook), it used to be a recommended way of adjusting the setaing position.